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Paisley Black
Paisley BlackAuthor

Paisley Black is a fiction author and novelist, writing in the dark fantasy and horror genre. She writes horror and fantasy novels, as well as the occasional witty postcard, all of which are designed to get your pulse pounding. She is also a military veteran, former mortgage broker, mother of three sons and lover of all things horror. Don’t let this head-shot fool you – she’s actually full color, on most days.

The author’s books are a mixture of horror, action, and fantasy. If you’re looking for a good place to start, take a look at her Valkyrie Chronicles series, available now. To get an email whenever the author releases a new title, sign up for the VIP newsletter by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in foreign, domestic, film or TV rights, Contact Paisley and she will put you in touch with the appropriate people.

You can reach her here > Contact Paisley

Paisley currently resides in Lexington, KY and enjoys hanging out with her family and their dog Sammy.